e-Business: e-like easily delighted

Subtract all the routine that can be automated from your normal purchaser day and concentrate on the rest - thinking.

The most progressive path in trading is a direct communication between the DP systems of trading partners. Steyr-Werner uses a competent partner to ensure this form of trading is handled.

Your special benefit:
Many of your staff can order directly from the PC without having to go through the purchasing department. Expensive manual ordering and contract recording operations cease to apply. Errors as a result of system interruptions (reading errors, manual recording …) do not apply.

A really special service:
At your request, our partner takes on the matching between order and invoice and only in the case of conformity does he transfer the invoice data into your system. There is thus no need for the intricate invoice check.

How it works:
We save an electronic catalogue on a market-place (or in a customer catalogue system) or provide data for transferring into your DP system.

Bringing the matter down to the basics:
The vital work stays in the hands of people; the rest is standardised and can be computer-handled. Thus activities with "added-value" can be concentrated on.