Versatile Deployment of the multi-talent

The connectors that are created with our patented and MOT certified multiCrimp Hydraulic System, perform much better than just standard. There isn’t a practical implementation that can pull them apart. Highest assurance against connections. pulling apart with the longest possible life span has been achieved with this user friendly hydraulic system.

Easy implementation, reliable results and versatile possibilities. With multiCrimp, high quality hydraulic hose lines are manufactured using aligned tools, predefined work stages and simple quality controls.

As the inventor of multiCrimp, Steyr-Werner offers a coordinated system made up of hydraulic hoses, fittings, processing tools and machines as well as certified courses and training seminars for the manufacturing personnel at your company.

The quality used here is higher than the valid standard and has up to 5 times more stability. While developing the system, our goal was to meet the high requirements from mining or off-shore work.

In addition to the technical advantages of multiCrimp, our training concept offers you, as a certified multiCrimp partner, the chance to use the system independently. Supported by Steyr-Werner, you can run a multiCrimp base and service your regional repairs market.


A PDF of our multiCrimp flyer can be downloaded here:

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